Why choose Ageing Balance?

Your health comes first

We are a Brisbane-based physiotherapy practice dedicated to the well-being and optimisation of life after 40, with clients ranging from middle-aged to elderly. The principal practitioner and director of Ageing Balance, Dr. Stephanie Fu, comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of geriatric physiotherapy. As the only specialist in gerontological physiotherapy in Australia, there is no one better to provide you with physiotherapy to alleviate pain, improve mobility and restore fitness.

Expert Physiotherapy consultation and treatment

We are dedicated to optimising healthier active ageing while finding the right balance for your lifestyle. We take the time to understand each and every one of our patients in a safe and professional setting.

Exercise programs

We offer individual or small group exercise sessions. Small classes allow for one-on-one attention to your exercise technique and hands on correction of your form and technique as needed.

Rehabilitation Programs

We offer rehabilitation programs designed specifically around your injuries or worries. We will ensure a full and effective recovery by gradually helping you regain physical strength and mobility.

Our Services

Physiotherapy Services

At Ageing Balance we are committed to personal and professional health care to men and women aged 40+ and elderly individuals. View all of our services HERE.

Individual Consultation

We provide individual private consultations in a comfortable, safe setting. Individual consultations are offered at our clinics at Clayfield (Northside) and Woolloongabba (Southside).  We can also consult at your home or work, or via telecall (after one initial clinic-based consultation).  

Exercise Programs

For those who prefer exercising in a positive, friendly group environment, Ageing Balance provides group exercise classes. Small classes allow for one-on-one attention to your exercise technique and hands on correction of your form and technique as needed.  These classes are available in all areas of specialty treatment.

Specialty Treatment

In promoting health and well-being into your later years, there is a lot to consider and manage. For this reason, the practitioners at Ageing Balance are able to treat and work with many different health issues and concerns in addressing: falls prevention and balance mobility bone health (osteoporosis, osteopenia) general strength and wellbeing joint health […]

Mobile Consults (Home or Work)

At Ageing Balance, we understand that life doesn’t stop after your 30s. We are more than happy to bring our practice to you. With home and work visits for those who don’t have the time and for those who can’t easily make the journey to one of our two Brisbane clinics.

Residential Aged Care Consults

As you enter the latter years of your life it can become a challenge to make regular appointments.  Especially when lengthy travel times are involved. At Ageing Balance, we are dedicated to promoting your well-being into your twilight year. To this end we are happy to accommodate and bring our practice to you or your […]


Many of us simply cannot make regular appointments, live too far away, or are often traveling and working.  Ageing Balance provides telehealth and telerehabilitation services. These services allow your continued treatment through Skype and / or other video call services to maintain and promote your ageing health. For this service however, it is required that […]

Research and Education

As an expert in her field, Dr Stephanie Fu runs training courses for evidence-based practice for continued education of post-graduate Physiotherapists. This enables the undertaking of ongoing research to contribute evidence-based practice for use by health professionals and students alike.